A human approach to organizational change.

Organizations change. They change because they must. Or because they see opportunity for growth and competitive advantage. That is where we come in. We are experts at change. Through a diverse, experienced, multidisciplinary team of management consultants, social scientists, elite creative thinkers and artists, we change companies through an innovative approach to aligning strategy, culture and communication. It is how we affect measurable organizational change, lead not by process or technology, but holistically through people. That is our advantage, and yours: a more human approach.

Enterprise Behavioral Competency Development

We developed an enterprise talent-management system with a multi-leveled behavioral competency model that included an education system and collateral to norm behaviors for hiring, development and promotion.

Growth Strategy

We developed and implemented a successful business strategy and corresponding people strategy to help an international industrial services firm grow from $100 million to $1 billion.

Operational Excellence

We worked with a global energy company with operations in North and South America, Australia and the North Sea to understand and align their culture to improve operational performance, as well as safety outcomes.

Safety Performance

For a global aviation leader, we devised a human-based approach to safety — leveraging culture and brain science, resulting in more than a decade of zero accidents.

Whole System Strategic Planning

We led the long-range visioning and whole-system planning for an integrated, community-based health system to achieve improved patient outcomes, improved payor mix, and healthy financial results.

Cultural Change Initiative

We created a wide-ranging initiative to improve people and performance for one of the nation’s largest community college systems, with more than 100,000 students and 10,000 faculty and staff.

Position for Acquisition

We were engaged by a family-owned, global franchise business to recreate every aspect of the store experience, the brand, and the franchisee strategy to increase company value for future acquisition.

Re-entry Strategy and Message Map

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we created the re-entry strategy for one of the largest, most prominent health systems including messaging, brand voice, and productized safety protocols.

Private Equity Cultural Alignment

After successful post M+A work for several of its portfolio companies, a private-equity firm engaged us to develop an enterprise organizational approach to strategy, culture and people systems.

Business Architecture + Cultural Alignment

Following the unsuccessful merger of two health systems, we redesigned the strategy and operations, while creating a physician-driven culture that transformed financial performance.

Business Architecture

Working with a multi-strategy investment fund, we created an integrated human-capital system of behavioral hiring assessments, on-boarding, and a learning system that accelerated the firm’s performance.

M&A Culture Acquisition Strategy

We led the post-acquisition cultural integration of two of the largest AT&T dealer operators, with more than 8,000 employees. The program resulted in a 48% increase in employee retention.

Redesigned Brand Experience

We worked with one of the world’s leading arts organizations to reimagine their cultural framework and human-capital approach, leading to a redesigned internal and external experience.

Leadership Coaching + Development

We developed an enterprise-learning curriculum that included personal coaching and comprehensive training to strengthen leadership within a major network affiliate.

Translational Research

Working with a major research university and public-policy foundation, we created education and action-based campaigns to invoke change and awareness on a deadly societal health issue.

Multi-generational Transition Strategy

Working with multiple generations of a family-owned, global business, we developed the strategy to ensure the founder’s desire that the company remain family-owned in perpetuity.

Redesigned Museum Experience

We worked with the board and leadership to fundamentally redesign their museum, including its experiential and educational offerings, its physical spaces, and its position as a thought leader in inclusion and diversity.

Scenario Planning

We led the development of multiple research-based, 30-year scenarios, including an extensive community engagement effort for the fourth largest city in the country.

Business Model Innovation

We worked with one of the world’s largest and most recognized global consulting firms to reimagine their approach to innovation and align their organizational practices.

Environmental Design

As part of an enterprise culture initiative, we led the environmental design efforts of a client’s spaces, altering team dynamics from
a siloed approach to one of acceptance and inclusion.

Experiential Enterprise Learning

After redesigning the customer experience for a regional retailer, we developed a hands-on learning event to educate, inform, and inspire all levels of employees about the company’s service framework.

Workforce + Educational Alignment

As part of a nationally recognized community collaborative, we developed the market strategy to convene diverse industries, educational institutions and the workforce.

Repositioning + Rebrand

Leveraging a newly defined cultural framework, we developed a new position, brand, and visual system to support an interior design company’s strategy and geographic expansion.

Community-based Strategic Initiative

We developed the ambitious vision and strategy to ensure the former first lady’s community-based literacy effort could achieve its goal of a library in every home and a mentor for every child.

Entrepreneur Educational Curriculum

With the top-ranked entrepreneurial undergraduate program in the U.S., we created a science-based curriculum to teach requisite culture skills for successful entrepreneurs.

Human Behavior + Safety

With a renowned neuroscientist, we produced brain research on the correlation of repetitive tasks and safety performance, resulting in an industry-leading safety platform and experiential learning model.

Educational Delivery Model

We redesigned the educational delivery model of a large, complex, multi-campus college, while re-imagining the entirety of the student experience.

Business Architecture + Integrated Strategy

We are responsible for the development of the business architecture and integrated strategy for a $4 billion diversified corporation composed of seven business units and more than 70 companies.

Customer Journey Mapping

Working with a major university, we conducted a series of customer journey mapping exercises virtually to rethink the experience at every touchpoint and the relationship between the school and its various constituents.

Fear Mitigation + Performance Management

With researchers at the University of Texas, we studied fear and performance in a global company and successfully implemented strategies to decrease unhealthy fear and increase employee voice.

Safety Initiatives

To drive safety and foster critical conversations during the holiday season, we birthed the Safety Elf to reinforce the organization’s life-saving behaviors.

Experiential Event

We helped convene and mobilize hundreds of nonprofits for a uniquely interactive event before and after the Super Bowl to affect change at a local community level.

Brand Architecture + Nomenclature

Working with a visionary business leader and NFL owner, we conducted research, developed brand architecture, and created new nomenclature for the business and its holdings.

Crisis Management

Working with the chairman of the board of a preparatory school, we developed the strategy and led crisis management, reputation management, and post-crisis organizational redesign.

Safety Performance Improvement

We helped pioneer a new dimension of an industrial service client’s safety-management system with their cultural-change initiative to align the workforce and positively impact bottomline performance.

Change Management + Implementation

We devised the strategy to educate and transition the global workforce of one of the world’s largest energy companies, seeking to consolidate technological and work platforms across the enterprise.

The change we affect.

We engage people. We increase profitability. We improve employee engagement. We facilitate change. We improve safety. We manage transitions. We improve retention. We reduce turnover. We increase positivity. We protect culture. We lessen workplace fear. We propel leaders. We drive bottom lines. We transform businesses.

Our imaginative thinking and approaches are getting noticed.