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The Clarity Institute is where leaders and teams come together to change – perspectives, organizations, teams, culture and futures. The Institute inspires originality, positivity, honesty and transformational learning. It is one part Think Tank, one part Idea Accelerator and multiple parts Learning Lab – with workshops, executive coaching and leadership development in person and online. We marry science with play in a uniquely immersive, interactive way that is designed to spur individuals, leaders and teams toward the best version of themselves and their organizations.

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We help leaders embrace personal and structural change by tapping into individual and organizational clarity through our proprietary assessments, workshops and coaching.

dimensional leadership learning system

This is a highly engaging, tactile learning approach that leverages points of leadership comfort and discomfort to challenge conventional thinking and open learning pathways. The hallmark of the Dimensional Leadership Learning System is the manner in which original inputs, creative interruptions, intentional distractions and innovative learning devices are integrated within traditional learning modalities. We engage and challenge the leader with overly stimulating and creative methodologies, space design, teaching and exercises.

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