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Our Labs

Where leaders and teams come together to change – perspectives, organizations, and futures. Offsite Insights.

Leave changed.


Hands-on. Transformative. Workshops like you’ve never experienced.


Our Learning Labs are unique gathering spaces for leader and team development. Workshops are filled with raw, challenging, unfiltered, and fun conversations—and real results.



Foundations of Clarity


Our foundational workshop provides an introductory and foundational workshop with clients to help them define the DNA of their organization.

The workshop is a one-day immersive team-building experience that helps leaders find greater clarity and alignment within their organization. We use the principles of positive psychology to define organizational identity through characteristics, purpose, vision and values. 

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Establish a clear understanding of and agreed alignment to the organizational identity – through its characteristics, purpose and values
  • Determine where the organization is today – ‘current state’ – and where we are trying to go – ‘future state’
  • Creation of a well-defined vision statement


Behavioral Competency Modeling


Define the core, management, and leadership behaviors that define the cultural expectations across the organization.

These competencies will be chosen through a highly engaging and tactile half-day process to encourage introspection, discussion, and collaboration among your leaders. Competencies ensure alignment around organizational culture – what is expected of your leaders, people, and future team members. 

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Enterprise behavioral competency model
  • Behavioral interviewing methodology 
  • Behavioral roadmap for developing bench strength
Strategic Planning


A highly engaging, systematic approach for leadership teams to develop long-range, transformational strategic plans.

Beginning with a robust understanding of the macro environment, we help identify your three to five key themes or strategic imperatives and reach leadership alignment in a full day session. 

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Clearly articulated strategic imperatives
  • Strategic roadmap
  • Cascading executional accountability plan 
Leadership and Team Retreats


Experience our transformative retreat crafted to guide leaders and teams on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

This workshop illuminates people’s individual and collective leadership strengths, unlocks growth opportunities, and addresses trust-related challenges. We explore critical leadership topics like self-awareness, the power of positivity and emotional agility, and how to make work feel meaningful and more fun.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Deepen understanding of your unique leadership strengths and ability to inspire and lead 
  • Explore important and challenging conversations; foster openness, trust, and unity for breakthrough collaboration and performance
  • Uncover and seize transformative growth opportunities for yourself and your teams


Our Belonging Leader workshop equips leaders with the tools they need to cultivate authentic community and connection.

This workshop includes thought-provoking lectures, engaging discussions, and dynamic exercises, enabling you to facilitate a culture of belonging within your organization. You’ll learn how to listen empathetically and without biases, challenge the status quo and existing power structures, create the cultural foundations of belonging cultures, and how to lead inclusively for a more united, positive future.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Enhance your organization's culture, foster employee engagement, and forge a genuine community to enhance employee well-being, retention, and performance
  • Learn actionable leadership tactics to foster inclusive and welcoming environments
  • Develop a tailored action plan for implementing the Belonging Rules within your organization

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Our Learning Labs

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    Pictured is the Learning Lab in Houston.

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    Pictured is our Sports Performance Lab in Tucson.

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    Pictured is our Learning Lab in New York.

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    Pictured is our Learning Lab in Bermuda.

Learning Labs Dimleadership

Our Proprietary Approach

Our Dimensional Leadership Learning framework offers a dynamic, tactile journey into self-discovery and leadership development.


Everything about the experience at our Learning Labs is purposeful and designed to stimulate thinking, bring a sense of play into serious discussions, and open the brain to learning and growth. Original insights, creative disruptions, calculated distractions, and groundbreaking learning tools coalesce to challenge, inspire, and transform the leader within you. Our system is brought to life in vibrant, creative environments and by using engaging teaching methods and exercises. You will leave changed.

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Client Feedback


Gaining everyone’s positive perspectives was great for me and putting our thoughts on paper. This staff is unified in its mission!

Open and honest discussion of mission and values with an unbiased facilitator with a positive vibe and great environment. We now have a good understanding of other folks’ mindset, drivers, passions. We are moving in the right direction and change has been made.

We had the opportunity to have open, honest conversations and interact more personally with my colleagues. I see the possibilities of what we can continue to accomplish as a team!