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How can a renegade media company thrive in a changing landscape?

Rooster Teeth Hero

Rooster Teeth 

The Opportunity 

Since first posting videos on YouTube twenty years ago, Rooster Teeth has become a visionary media company that is a leader in gaming and fan culture, with a deeply loyal community of followers. After several years of leadership and corporate changes, Deutser set off to align the organization around a shared organizational culture and new direction.

The Human Approach

Through a series of interactive workshops with their leaders and teams, we arrived at the articulation of their shared purpose, vision, values and behaviors. Humanizing the language, putting it in their words, and making sure the tone stayed true to Rooster Teeth was critical to success. This culture work needed to answer: Why are we here? Where are we going? What motivates us? And how do we show up? For example, Rooster Teeth’s vision is: We will be the most entertaining content creator for the badass misfit in all of us, leveraging our boundless imagination to generate valuable stories and experiences while growing an inclusive audience.

The way we brought their cultural elements to life was to create an unexpected tactile solution for this digital company. With hints of retro gaming and sorcery, we tapped into their storytelling roots with, “The Adventure Continues — The Rooster Teeth Way” — a custom board game complete with values dice and behaviors card decks. Interwoven in every part of the engagement plan was the reminder that “it’s your move” — each person’s creative contribution is important to their overall success.

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The Lasting Change

In a 12-month period, the company increased its audience, its sales, and improved internal scores in 23 out of 24 strategic and cultural categories of our management assessment. Further, the company improved its internal net promoter score by 10 points, and while still negative (scale of -100 to 100), demonstrated a positive trend with more than 60+ of the previous detractors moving to passive promoter. They also scored amongst the highest scores of the global index of psychological safety score, which was contrary to recent national trends. And, the DEI scores showed that people of all different groups believed that they belonged and that “their voices were heard and used in decision making” at scores in the fourth quartile.